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coordination #119836: [epic] Convert YAML schedules for YaST to be based on YAML default files

Modify existing default yaml file for x86_64 64bit and adapt test suites to use it in YaST group

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Current default file called default.yaml represents x86_64 64bit, but we don't need the full name, we can keep as default.yaml.
In this ticket we will update this file to make it work with all the test suites for x86_64 64 bit, excluding other flavors of x86_64.

This is the list of jobs:
Filter by 64bit to get the list of modules for latest build in case the link got outdated.

Acceptance criteria

AC1: Adapt default yaml file for x86_64 64bit to work with all the test suite listed above
AC2: Modify only schedules for x86_64 64 bit to make them work with new created default


  • If one schedule is used for several architecture/backend, rather than modify it, we can create a new schedule file for now using keys instead of list of modules.
  • Take inspiration from other tasks done in Epic where this task belongs.
  • For now there is not much thought about how the solution would work for test suites after installation, so let's focus on installation and consider the rest of test suite, if it feasible we can try out, otherwise file a ticket for them.


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