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qem-bot - better logging

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As followup 5-Why's

-> many log lines with "ERROR" about missing repomd.xml -> turn to INFO

-> log message "WARNING: Missing product in /etc/openqabot" -> "DEBUG: Skipping obsolete openQABot config /etc/openqabot/bot.yml"

-> log message "DEBUG: Incident … does not have x86_64 arch in 12-SP3" -> so what? -> maybe we can simply remove that message and ignore that, or move to TRACE

-> log message "DEBUG: No channels in … for …" -> Can we put some hints to the readers there what it means or what they could check, e.g. is there no valid smelt_channel to openQA product mapping in metadata? Maybe incident is obsolete and should be closed, removed, etc.?

-> log message "NOT SCHEDULE:" -> lowercase and use "not scheduling"

-> log message "Project ... can't calculate repohash" -> would be useful to have a timestamp of last update from OBS

-> log message for aggregates "Posting ... jobs" is ambiguous or wrong, should be more like "Triggering ... openQA products" or similar, or "openqa isos post calls"

-> we found a problem with an exception as openQA API returns with 404 on post isos as a product is missing in openQA. This error is ignored and we continue the job. We should handle that better.

-> add a concluding log message after triggering tests, like "Triggering done ... jobs" or so.

Acceptance criteria:

  • AC1: better logs from qem-bot

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