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Increase timeout of the YuiRestClient

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openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP4-Online-aarch64-select_modules_and_patterns@aarch64 fails in

Right now we use 30 seconds of timeout, which due to the way is developed the client, turned to be 2x30 seconds, 60 seconds (some extra sleep that was used for first iteration of the client).

We should investigate if this extra sleep of 1 second can be removed and consider how to target slower architectures, because more than 30 seconds for an action could be potentially some bug in general, in fact between 10 and 20 seconds developers agree is ok, so 30 seconds is a good number, taking into account that the installer just act as a planner and postpone all the actions to apply the configuration as last step.

For now we agreed to bump timeout to 45 seconds and pospone this development.


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