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04:27 pm openSUSE admin tickets #47966 (Resolved): Please Give New Board Members List Access
Hi Heroes,
Please add the following two people to the board@opensuse.org
mailinglist as soon as possible. They ne...


12:51 pm openSUSE admin tickets #39050 (Resolved): opensuse-kubic mailinglist
Hi ML Admins,
Please can you create an opensuse-kubic@opensuse.org mailinglist?
The premise is an 'opensuse-fac...


06:47 pm openSUSE admin tickets #35718 (Closed): Removal of old Board members & addition of new
Dear openSUSE Heroes,
Please add the following to the private openSUSE Board mailinglist


11:05 pm openSUSE admin tickets #34051 (Closed): Re: [opensuse-project] Re: [election-officials] Asking for delaying the ...
On 29 March 2018 at 21:00, Kostas Koudaras <warlordfff@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2018-03-29 19:22 GMT+03:00 Ana Martínez <...


03:34 pm openSUSE admin tickets #33628 (Closed): Unable to git pull from github on kubic.opensuse.org?
Hi fellow Heroes
Trying to get the following deployed on kubic.infra.opensuse.org


09:04 pm openSUSE admin tickets #11832 (Closed): Board Meeting Reminder Broken
Dear Infra Team,
The Board meeting reminder is totally and utterly broken
This is sending incorrect information...


07:47 pm openSUSE admin tickets #9432 (Resolved): www.opensuse.com/net not directing to opensuse.org correctly
www.opensuse.com is redirecting to www.opensuse.org/en (which is a 404 page)
www.opensuse.net is redirecting to en.o...

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