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01:32 QA action #109358: [qe-core] Describe desktop maintenance testing
szarate wrote:
> Yifan do you need more info here? or something else we can help with?
Hi Santi,
With the QAM ...


02:29 QA action #109358 (In Progress): [qe-core] Describe desktop maintenance testing
Hi Santi, Heiko, Oliver,thanks for the comments. I kept looking at the effort spending and the commitment of time-awa... yfjiang


01:44 QA action #109358: [qe-core] Describe desktop maintenance testing
Hi Santi,
In the context of the topic, my idea of mentioned desktop testing was the SUSE enterprise (mostly L3) su...


07:57 QA action #109358 (Resolved): [qe-core] Describe desktop maintenance testing
Current QE LSG setup mixed the legacy product and maintenance QA as functional squads. While it is not the case for d... yfjiang


01:14 openQA Tests action #60047: [desktop] Update maintainer in test modules, e.g. "evolution_*"
okurz wrote:
> Well, I can confirm that `git grep -l 'Jiawei'` does not yield any matches so that's good. Yes, likel...


00:58 openQA Tests action #63397: [desktop][sporadic] test fails in nautilus_open_ftp, ftp authentication dialog does not show up, auto_review:"match=nautilus-ftp-login timed out":retry
Hi Grace, I am appending this in your queue, would you help to balance the recent p.o.o load with Zhaocong please. Th... yfjiang


08:31 openQA Tests action #89975: [desktop][sle15sp3] Test the "secure boot + dual boot" for SLED
Append to Grace's queue as a part of dual boot testing. Thanks! yfjiang
08:26 openQA Tests action #89975 (Resolved): [desktop][sle15sp3] Test the "secure boot + dual boot" for SLED
SLE release team noticed a necessity of adapting a TW openqa test for our SLE product:


12:57 qe-yam coordination #9536: Test all DMs for working encrypted home support
Hi folks,
Checked with release and product side, and talked to people who had experiences with this. The encrypted...


03:21 openQA Tests action #61022: [SLE][Migration][SLE15SP2][Regression] test fails in gnome_control_center - Needle 'gnome_control_center' not matched
This is an expected behavior. From GNOME 3.28.x, the bluetooth panel is unconditionally disabled at build time for S3... yfjiang

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