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11:57 am openQA Tests action #45137 (New): [jeos] Test fails in gpt_ptable on RPi JeOS image
## Observation
openQA test in scenario sle-15-SP1-JeOS-for-RaspberryPi-aarch64-jeos-main-RPi@aarch64 fails in


01:29 pm openQA Tests action #31426: [sle][functional][u][epic] extend tests for icewm regarding raspberry pi scenario ...
Since SLES15_SP1 RPi3 image switched into textmode only JeOS-firstboot variant where the X and neither icewm will be ...


12:57 pm openQA Project action #7982: multi machine test that actually involves different machines
*multi machine scheduling currently assumes that all linked jobs run on the same machine*
^ that's not true anymo...
12:44 pm openQA Project action #32314: [salt] make GRE tunnels salt-states compatible with global worker configuration fr...
Global WORKER_CLASS definition is now supported. More to come.


01:46 pm openQA Project action #35895: [os-autoinst-openvswitch][theory] problem with assigining VLANs tags - more testsu...
we still encounter with this, see
`Sep 06 08:41:56 susetest ...


09:53 am openQA Project action #40538: [tools] Reset/Clear guest RAM when it reboots in QEMU to reduce RAM snapshot size
What about to drop disk caches in VM before taking snapshot? something like:
sync; sync
echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/dro...


11:33 am openQA Tests action #37946: [migration] detect "Unknown" architecture on aarch64 in upgrade_select test and ma...
And again on SLE12_SP4


01:05 pm openQA Tests action #33700 (Resolved): [slenkins][qam] tcpd test fails in 2_tcpdmatch - hostnamectl/dns issue ...
The issue seems to be fixed by, please reopen in case the problem occur ag...
12:57 pm openQA Tests action #37258 (Resolved): [qam][slenkins] kdc-init fails to resolve susetest
The issue seems to be fixed, please reopen in case the problem occur again.


03:12 pm openQA Tests action #37946 (New): [migration] detect "Unknown" architecture on aarch64 in upgrade_select test ...
I already filed a bug for the issue, problem is that openqa/reviewers didn't detect the issue so please add some soft...

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