h1. USB sticks project

h2. RAW image approach

h3. Advanatages:

  • no patching/changing stuff needed, we already have everything in place

h3. Disadvanatages:

  • updating/installation tool needs to be written

h2. AUFS approach

h3. Advanatages:

  • multiple images can be fitted on one stick
  • less space needed for images - more left for data
  • updateable from any OS
  • stick can be used for data transfer, images can be easily deleted and restored later

h3. Disadvanatages:

  • patched kernel needed
  • patched initrd needed

h3. Current status:

How to implement it was investigated, there are still some issues to resolve, but generally looks pretty doable. More details on dedicated wiki page.

h2. Existing GUI tools

In there is a compilation of GUI applications for creating linux based usbstick from any ISO. Most of them allows you to create multiboot usb with several distros on it (so you can choose at boot time). There is no direct link to the list, but you can go to and then click on the "USB Creators" tab (at the bottom of the page).

Only three out of the eleven tools in the list run on linux:

For some reason, is not included in the mentioned list, although it works on linux, have a GUI and can create multiboot sticks.

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