Initial set up

Box creation and shipment

Three different merchandising packages will be created:

  • Lugagge to transport material when an openSUSE Team member is attending to an event
  • Box for events that require more material
  • Box for smaller events.

Task #307 tracks defining the contents of the boxes.

SUSE will find a sustainable way to deliver promotional items to events ( #217 ) by working on getting affordable shipment costs for shipping ( #229 ). To do so SUSE will find out what weight categories we need to have ( #225 ), for each weight category what the shipping costs are per country in the following cases:

  • In a similar way we have been doing it in the past at SUSE: #233
  • By using a service company for the box creaton and shipping: #234
  • By creating the boxes locally through a printing company that has offices in several countries: #236

Event planning

During 2012 there was a call for events made. The idea was to collect the events we usually attend to promote openSUSE to figure out what is the starting point. Based on the call, the wiki of previous events and online search a list was made with the events and details about them (number and type of visitors, how international/technical etc the event is and more). The final list can be viewed through this link. This list will apply to 2013 and continue to be updated for the future. SUSE will mantain the list throughout 2013, after that the ambassadors will take over themselves.

The events will be proposed to the board: #238 . The first estimation is that we will need around 20 boxes suitable for >1000 attendees to send to these events. On top of that, there will be about 10 events with direct openSUSE team support and of course a number of openSUSE-specific events which will all receive materials as well.