Backlog Assistant

What is it

A simple python script running on GitHub workflows that does the following:

  • Parse a queries.yaml file with the configuration
  • Query with the queries from the YAML file
  • Check the boundaries for each query and show a status icon
  • Create a static HTML page and deploy this to GitHub pages


Setup instructions for QE Yam

Clone the qe-tools-backlog-assistant repo

You need the few files iin your local directory to adapt it to your needs.

Enable workflows for you

Change the backlog_checker.yml file in .github/workflows and remove the check for the github_repository_owner to make it run in your cloned repository.

Remove the git remotes

Since we upload our version to a new repository later we need to remove the remote with
git remote remove origin

Create a new GitHub repository for your customized version

I used for this.

Upload your code

Get the clone URL with SSH access and add it to the remote:
git remote add origin<URL>

Then push the repo
git push origin master

Configure the API Key

The REDMINE_API_KEY has to be put into the repository secrets since the backlog_checker.yml refers to it.

Customize it for your own metrics

You need to change the queries.yaml file to use your own metrics. Here is an example for QE Yam:

team: QE Yam
  - title: QE Yam Backlog
    query: query_id=866
    max: 64

The api and web settings are used to build the URLs for the queries later.

To use a query you go to progress, select the query you want and save it as a custom query that can be used by all. Then you get a query_id that is used in this YAML file to identify the query.
You can define boundaries with max and min.

You can add as many queries as you want.


Last step is to setup your Pages setting in the GitHub repo. Go to Settings and then use the Pages menu. Then chose "Deploy from a branch" as deployment source. The branch name is gh_pages where the backlog_checker.yml script places an index.html file with yoiur dashboard. This is then published on GitHub pages, in our case at

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