Talk template

2015-03-30 10:14

A generic template for talks at oSC.


VISA Application letter

2015-03-24 09:32

Hi, the procedure is as follows:
Fill in below text and email to me. I will forward it on to SUSE who
will PDF this on official letterhead. I will mail the PDF to you,

which you can print and take to the Dutch embassy / consulate.



Press release announce openSUSE Conference 2015

2015-01-18 14:16

Dear sir / madam,

Through this email we would like to inform you that openSUSE Conference 2015 will be held together with the Kolab Summit 2015 on May 1st - 4th in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The conferences will bring together a wide variety of Free & Open Source contributors to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution and FOSS projects, as well as showcasing the possibilities of free open source software to enterprise.


oSC15 Announce dates

2014-12-11 08:21

Conference at BINK36 kicks into high gear

We are ready to get this year's Geeko-hack party started at BINK36 (Binckhorstlaan 36, 2516 BE Den Haag, Netherlands) from May 1 to May 5.
Before the learning, hacking and partying begins at the four-day openSUSE Conference, the community needs to know what's happening with OSC15 or better yet, help with the event planning.


Conferences to promote oSC15 on

2014-11-18 13:29


Ideas for speaker invites

2014-10-21 13:43

Here we will keep track of speakers we want to invite to the conference.

Jos Weyers - lockpicking
Arjen Kamphuis of Gendo - generally interesting dude, he also knows some whistleblowers
Tjeerd / Diggie -
Dutch Nuclear guys


Projects' meeting minutes

2014-10-20 17:03

13 april 2015

30 March 2015

23 March 2015

Project Links

2014-10-20 11:37

[[ - open list of the accepted talks]]

[[ OSEM - speakers]]

[[ Facebook openSUSE]] Douglas DeMaio - [[ FB profile]] - marketing and communications for openSUSe

Announcements drafts CfP

2014-10-20 11:12

Call For Papers openSUSE Conference 2015

Make your voice heard! Do you have something interesting to share with the dynamic openSUSE community? Now is your chance. The conference will be held in the beautiful city of The Hague, the Netherlands between 1 and 4th May 2014.


Call for Team Members oSC 2015 (DRAFT!)

2014-10-08 10:51

Call for Geeko Helpers(DRAFT)

Before the dawn of 2015 and as announced at oSC14 ( work has already started for yet another awesome openSUSE Conference. For 2015 the city of The Hague in the Netherlands will host our Annual Conference. This year the openSUSE community is gearing up and is ready to accept people from everywhere to a 4 day conference where there will be a lot of Learning and Hacking and Partying. The organizing team needs YOUR HELP to make this happen. So starting today you can sign up to join forces!

OSC15 preliminary tasks list

2014-10-08 10:44

This document has the preliminary tasks in it to be carried out by the various proposed teams