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Call For Papers openSUSE Conference 2015

Make your voice heard! Do you have something interesting to share with the dynamic openSUSE community? Now is your chance. The conference will be held in the beautiful city of The Hague, the Netherlands between 1 and 4th May 2014.

We are looking for speakers on a wide range of subjects, ranging from hacking and open source idealisim to software, security and development. If you feel you have something interesting to contribute, please don't hesitate to register before 14th February 2015 at

Dates: from 1 until 4 may 2015
Location: Binckhorstlaan 36, 2516 BE Den Haag, Netherlands (BINK36 The Hague Netherlands)

Call for papers opens when OSEM is ready, and will close 2 weeks after FOSDEM (Valentines day).

So here is some general info and trivia about The Hague and The Netherlands that might be of use in creating the materials needed:

Of course The Netherlands is famous for their:

  • cheese
  • windmills
  • wooden shoes
  • the fact that most of our country is well below sea level
  • the Delta works
  • cows and farming in general
  • the best soccer team in the world that has not ever (yet!) been worldchampion
  • throwing awesome conferences
  • and more cheese

google map
-call for volunteers 03/10
inform people about oSC15 hashtag

an article of oSC15 every 2 weeks

Ideas for other articles(abstracts)
-Meet the Venue, an article presenting the venue, what this rooms used for-what it is now-make a connection among all that with openSUSE and Geekos
-Meet Hague, an article for the city that will host this years oSC, why people should visit.
-Fosdem Article, where people can go to seek information about oSC15