IP renumbering in Provo 2020-06-05

Our download mirror in Provo, named, will be moved into a new network range end of next week (2020-06-05).
Added by lrupp over 1 year ago

SUSE is getting a new ISP in Provo - and a new set of external IP addresses. This switch affects also some openSUSE servers that are currently running in the Provo datacenter. Mainly the Provo mirror server of, available via

All machines that are currently using an IPv4 address starting with 130.57.72.XX will get a new IPv4 address assigned in the network. Normally, this should go unnoticed, especially if you are using DNS.

Namely, the following four productive services are affected:

The migration will start next Friday, 2020-06-05, 09:00 MDT (click on the link to see the event in your timezone) - we hope to finish it during a few hours.