Introducing debuginfod service for Tumbleweed

Added by lrupp over 4 years ago

We are happy to pre-announce a new service entering the openSUSE world:

debuginfod is an HTTP file server that serves debugging resources to debugger-like tools.

Instead of using the old way to install the needed debugging packages one by one as root like:

zypper install $package-debuginfo

the new debuginfod service lets you debug anywhere, anytime.

Right now the service serves only openSUSE Tumbleweed packages for the x86_64 architecture and runs in an experimental mode.

The simple solution to use the debuginfod for openSUSE Tumbleweed is:

gdb ...

For every lookup, the client will send a query to the debuginfod server and get's back the requested information, allowing to just download the debugging binaries you really need.

More information is available at the start page - feel free to contact the initiator marxin directly for more information or error reports.