Etherpad updated (again) was upgraded to the latest version.
Added by lrupp about 4 years ago

As you might have noticed on our status page, our etherpad instance at was updated to the latest version 3 days ago.

But this time,we did not only upgrade the package (which lives, btw, in our openSUSE:infrastructure project), we also migrated the underlying database.

As often, the initial deployment was done with a "just for testing" mindset by someone, who afterward left his little project. And - also as often - these kind of deployments suddenly became productive. This means - in turn - that our openSUSE heroes team suddenly gets tickets for services we originally did neither set up, nor maintain.

For etherpad, this means that we suddenly faced a "dirty.db" file of over 2GB in size, filling up the root-fs of the machine. Upstream even has a warning in their boot script, telling everyone that a dirty.db is NOT for production... :-/

The first try, using the script to reduce the size, did not finish after 2 days. So we decided to dump the data directly from the dirty.db into our Galera cluster. After fixing the initially created table scheme from MyISAM to InnoDB (Galera does not like MyISAM), the migration script took "only" 16 hours.

With this final migration, we hope to be prepared for the next update - and hope that this only takes minutes again.