Profile updated was.upgraded to a new version, looking it's RSS feeds.
Added by lrupp over 1 year ago

Our infrastructure status page at is using Cachet under the hood. While the latest update brought a couple of bugfixes it also deprecated the RSS and Atom feeds, that could be used to integrate the information easily in other applications.

While we are somehow sad to see such a feature go, we also have to admit that the decision of the developers is not really bad - as the generation of those feeds had some problems (bugs) in the old Cachet versions. Instead of fixing them, the developers decided to move on and focus on other areas. So it's understandable that they cut off something, which is not in their focus, to save resources.

As alternative, you might want to subscribe to status changes and incident updates via Email or use the API that is included in the software for your own notification system. And who knows: maybe someone provides us with a RSS feed generator that utilizes the API?