IPv6 support for machines in US region

All openSUSE services in our Provo database center now also support IPv6.
Added by lrupp over 3 years ago

Today we reached a new milestone: all openSUSE services around the world now support IPv6 natively. The last set of machines in Provo are equipped with IPv6 addresses since today. IPv6 was missing for those machines since the renumbering (which was needed because of the carve out of SUSE from Microfocus). Thanks to one of our providers, who now reserved and routed a whole /48-IPv6 network for us.

With this, we can also run all our DNS servers with IPv6 (and they do not only have a IPv6 address, but all our external DNS entries for the domain should now contain IPv4 and IPv6 addresses as well. Don't worry, you did not miss much. The Dual-Stack (IPv4 and IPv6) is the case for all services in Germany since a long, long time already - and we even had it for the machines in US for a long time, before SUSE switched the provider. But this finally brings us to the same level on all locations!