action #160098

Updated by okurz 2 months ago

## Observation 
 Similar as in #125087 now after I upgraded osiris to Leap 15.6 virt-manager only showed a single VM called "first-test-vm", no an "first-test-vm" as VM, not other machines like "okurz". I manually recovered by logging in over ssh and called 

 systemctl stop libvirtd 
 drbdadm up r0 
 systemctl restart etc-libvirt.mount 
 systemctl start libvirtd 

 but we should ensure this does not happen anymore and also we should not even try to start libvirtd if those dependencies are not fulfilled 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** osiris shows expected production VMs consistently after multiple reboots 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Look into what happened and what we did in the past in related tickets 
 * Check if this is reproducible on reboots 
 * Take a look into logs of drbd to see what the problem was (storage shared with seth) 
 * Maybe restarts of systemd services can be enough