action #152887

Updated by okurz 7 months ago

## Motivation 
 According to #137258-2 there is a new machine which we should setup in FC Basement as openQA bare-metal test host, similar to what is done in #150830. We should take over this machine, mount it in FC Basement and bring it into OSD production as bare-metal test machine and ensure testing related squads follow-up with specific testing, e.g. just run the default scenario(s) on the specific host. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** One new ARM server Ampere Altra Q32-17 is used in production in as bare-metal test host 
 * **AC2:** Our inventory management system is up-to-date 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Pickup the machine from the Frankencampus "facilities office", bring it to FC Basement 
 * Come up with a good name, e.g. [squiddlydiddly]( as we already have two similar machines squidward+squidbilly 
 * Mount and connect the machine 
 * Include the configuration, in particular network, in our inventory management system, e.g. in on top of squidbilly 
 * Add machines bare-metal test machines in OSD, i.e. include in, e.g. with experimental worker classes, test, then make production worker classes 
 * Talk with testing squads about extending test scope covering this machine 
 * Ensure testing implementation is planned or completed accordingly 
 * Ensure our inventory management system is up-to-date Basement.