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## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Have There is a test scenario for SLE15 to test testing the registration using SUSEConnect against proxy-SCC, proxy-SCC 
 * **AC2:** Same as above but for SLE12 (e.g. SP3/SP4) 

 ## Situation 

 There is already a scenario and another a job in test scenario using yast_scc 

 development [minimal+base+sdk+fakescc-postreg]( always failing. Who added this and what is the goal? 

 ## Tasks 

 * Create the provide goal for test module to register using SUSEConnect        ======== done scenario 
 * Create the add description to test module to register using yast_scc           ======== done suite on 
 * Create for either a make the test scenario for SLE15                 ======== done work 
 * Ensure the refactor to not include all other not necessary steps, e.g. what about just booting an existing image, registering it and then do some stuff? The new test scenario works "skip_registration" might be useful as expected                  ======== in progress a base by just configuring it to create an hdd image (see use of variable PUBLISH_HDD_1).