action #116078

Updated by okurz 7 months ago

## Observation 
 After a firmware update the IPMI access broke. It booted once successfully but now it is stuck on boot and we needed IPMI access to recover it. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** *DONE* IPMI access has been restored 
 * **AC2:** ppc64le qemu openQA jobs on are executed again as expected 

 ## Context 
 * I've already filed an Infra ticket: 
 * I did the firmware update due to 
 * @fvogt filed that bug due to #115106 
 * There's currently not HMC access because the required machine for that is in SRV2-ext. 
 * ~~It is the only power worker on o3 so power testing of openSUSE is completely blocked by this problem.~~ Not a concern anymore, if needed we can move it to osd 

 ## Suggestions 
 * *DONE* Follow suggestions from and 
 * *DONE* Write an email, raise an alarm, state that we don't have *any* ppc tests running for openSUSE right now AT ALL!!!1 (factory first!!!) We need help of someone that can setup powerPC machines and at best has direct access to SUSE Nbg Maxtorhof SRV1. If there is no one then escalate and question if SUSE can support this at all for the future 
 * *DONE* As alternative coordinate access to SRV1 for ourselves and try to fix it in place -> the machine is in FC Basement meanwhile with easier access place. 
 * ~~Boot via recovery media over PXE.~~ 
 * *DONE* Attach a "Virtual CD" which can (IIRC) be attached over the HMC.