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## Motivation 
 Sometimes or often enough there are various network related issues. To find out the available bandwidth or bottle necks graphs like can be quite helpful: 


 We have those available for NUE1 based switches but I would not know about NUE2 or PRG2 so we should research how something equivalent is possible and ensure everybody within our team would be able to reach the according graphs. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Graphs like from are available to all current SUSE QE Tools members for common racks, e.g. FC_Basement-B1..5, PRG2-J11+PRG2-J12 
 * **AC2:** The team knows how to reach those 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Ask Eng-Infra where something like can be found for all the AC1 mentioned TOR switches 
 * Ask Eng-Infra if metric collection is already in place 
 * Figure out if we can just collect these metrics on our own 
 * Ensure we have ACs covered for both FC Basement and PRG2 
 * Check e.g.