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Updated by nicksinger about 1 year ago

We see an upcoming need for stable aarch64 Hardware inside our department 
 According to successful tests in #121261 - Ampere Altra machines seem to be the most reliable for that. 

 We decided that additional to the 4 newly ordered Ampere Altra machines for DC7 in Prague to be run within openQA production, that we want to have 2 more of those machines to be located in Nuremberg for development and redundancy reasons. 

 Could you please help to get a quote for 2 ARM Ampere Altra machines with roughly following specs: 
 - Rough budget around 3000-5000 USD per machine 
 - Ampere Altra q80-30 (or q80-33) if available 
 - 512GB RAM (8x64GB) 
 - dedicated IPMI/BMC, 2x 10G copper 
 - NVME Disk 

 if you need further requirements, please coordinate with @szarate 

 ## Suggestion 
 * Find vendor and get a quote 
 * If the decision is made to order machines, make sure there is an open ticket including ordering, mounting, installation, etc