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## Observation 

 Somehow it seems like [there's no errors (literally according to salt) but minions are not coming back fine]( ~~There's There's no visible error output.~~ The relevant errors are not easy to find since they may be in an artifact rather than the log itself and listed somewhere half-way into the whole output. 

     Succeeded: 344 (changed=4) 
     Failed:        0 
     ERROR: Minions returned with non-zero exit code 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 - **AC1**: Whenever minions yield error codes errors are obvious can be observed 

 ## Suggestions 
 * Ensure errors are consistently in the same place 
 * Avoid users having to dig for things like `Result: False` and other messages in several places 
 * Separate errors from various other unrelated messages e.g. at the end of the pipeline log in the best case indeed logged