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## Observation 
 Some SUT machines, I think they are those added back by [mr!506](, can not upload logs to worker machine. 

 No survival after too many retries 

 ## Steps to reproduce 
 * Run openQA openA test with above worker/machine and try to upload logs to worker machine 

 ## Impact 
 * All tests assigned to these workers/machines will fail 
 * Still can not run tests with paired machines 

 ## Problem 
 Generally speaking, looks like environment issues. 

 ## Suggestion 
 * ~~Check firewall settings on worker machine~~ DONE: not the problem 
 * ~~Check other security settings on worker machine~~ DONE: not the problem 
 * Check other limitations imposed by other elements en route, for example, jump/forward machine. 
 * Open Eng-Infra SD ticket to configure firewall to open required port range (or just allow all traffic) 
 * See "command server" box on for port range 

 ## Workaround 
 - Drop workers from salt (done: 

 ## Rollback steps 
 - Undo