action #124724

Updated by livdywan 12 months ago

Ensure Nbg QAM machines have a current maintainer as "contact person" 

 ## Motivation 
 With the work on #116623 it became clear that we want to have any QAM machines now treated as a joint "QE" group, including not only IP range, domain, etc., but also physical machines, their maintainership and administration. With this we should ensure that all former Nbg QAM machines are maintained by the SUSE QE Tools team. The SUSE QE Tools team will take responsibility, ensure maintainership, make decisions. This was also clarified with the line managers of the former contact persons who like to focus on other areas of work. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1**: All former Nrg QAM machines are visibly owned by the QE Tools Team 

 ## Acceptance tests 
 * **AT1:** **AC1:** and are empty 

 ## Suggestions 
 * We clarified that it's a better option to update the racktables entries to "" with a comment pointing to the former "contact person" who can still be asked for information or specific help. 

 Suggestion for comment in racktables to include: 2023-02-28: This machine was formerly maintained by dabatianni+apappas from QA Maintenance. Feel free to contact them for specific questions regarding the former use of those machines.