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## Motivation 

 See parent #109920. 
 We want to check that all investigation jobs of a failed job have finished, so we need to find out the ids of the other investigate jobs. 

 One solution is to save the ids in one of the investigation job. 
 So we create the investigation jobs for last_good_tests, last_good_build, last_good_tests_and_build, and save the job ids. 
 Then we create the simple retry job and add a setting to it: `OTHER_INVESTIGATE_JOBS=id1,id2,id3` 

 We choose this job because it is always created, the other investigation jobs might not always be created. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** The retry job has a setting mentioning the other investion job ids 

 ## Suggestions 

 * This task is already complex enough for its own ticket. Getting back the id of the cloned job is not trivial, because we are using the output of the `clone` function already. 
 * Move down the creation of the retry job to be the last `clone` 
 * One solution is to create a partially global variable that is set by the `clone` function. This stops working as soon as the `clone` function is called as a subprocess, e.g. `$(clone ...)` 
 * This could actually be made nicer by also moving the output of the clone function to such a helper variable. Of course we still would want to catch stderr sometimes. Needs thinking 
 * Consider turning this into a perl script :]