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## Observation 

 since 2023-02-08 0800 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 - **AC1**: Incomplete jobs alerts are not seen on Grafana 

 ## Suggestions 
 - The incompletes on broken downloads are likely what's expected by design 
 - Alerts were triggered because we got too many incompletes 
 - The asset never existed in the first place? 
 - Maybe a clean-up deleted an asset too fast (unlikely), this should be possible to find out from the asset table 
 - Can we detect missing assets when scheduling a job? 
   - Leave it in scheduled? Show a message "Asset Xyz missing" 
 - Reach out to whoever is scheduling jobs without valid assets 
 - Research if the missing link to [the parent jopb]( is actually an openQA bug that's making the private asset inaccessible