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## Observation 

 It has already happened two times. The logs look like this: 

 INFO: Triggering {'api': 'api/incident_settings', 'qem': {'incident': 26739, 'arch': 'x86_64', 'flavor': 'Azure-SAP-BYOS-Incidents-saptune', 'version': '15-SP1', 'withAggregate': False, 'settings': {'DISTRI': 'sle', 'VERSION': '15-SP1', 'ARCH': 'x86_64', 'FLAVOR': 'Azure-SAP-BYOS-Incidents-saptune', '_ONLY_OBSOLETE_SAME_BUILD': '1', '_OBSOLETE': '1', 'INCIDENT_ID': 26739, '__CI_JOB_URL': '', 'BUILD': ':26739:nodejs10', 'RRID': 'SUSE:Maintenance:26739:284015', 'REPOHASH': 1667984242, 'OS_TEST_ISSUES': '26739', 'INCIDENT_REPO': '', '_PRIORITY': 60, '__SMELT_INCIDENT_URL': '', '__DASHBOARD_INCIDENT_URL': ''}}, 'openqa': {'DISTRI': 'sle', 'VERSION': '15-SP1', 'ARCH': 'x86_64', 'FLAVOR': 'Azure-SAP-BYOS-Incidents-saptune', '_ONLY_OBSOLETE_SAME_BUILD': '1', '_OBSOLETE': '1', 'INCIDENT_ID': 26739, '__CI_JOB_URL': '', 'BUILD': ':26739:nodejs10', 'RRID': 'SUSE:Maintenance:26739:284015', 'REPOHASH': 1667984242, 'OS_TEST_ISSUES': '26739', 'INCIDENT_REPO': '', '_PRIORITY': 60, '__SMELT_INCIDENT_URL': '', '__DASHBOARD_INCIDENT_URL': ''}} 
 INFO: openqa-cli api --host -X post isos DISTRI=sle VERSION=15-SP1 ARCH=x86_64 FLAVOR=Azure-SAP-BYOS-Incidents-saptune _ONLY_OBSOLETE_SAME_BUILD=1 _OBSOLETE=1 INCIDENT_ID=26739 __CI_JOB_URL= BUILD=:26739:nodejs10 RRID=SUSE:Maintenance:26739:284015 REPOHASH=1667984242 OS_TEST_ISSUES=26739 INCIDENT_REPO= _PRIORITY=60 __SMELT_INCIDENT_URL= __DASHBOARD_INCIDENT_URL= 
 ERROR: Job failed: execution took longer than 1h0m0s seconds 


 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** Pipeline does not fail anymore 

 ## Suggestions 
 - The issue is still occurring 
 - Output the response from openQA if we get a 404 from isos post 
 - Track down what's causing the delay e.g. OBS and maybe less likely openQA which returns the 404 
 - Ensure we can see timestamps in the logs