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Updated by lnussel over 6 years ago

Gather everything and put it in a zip file in github (or somewhere else) else):
* Press announcement
* Community announcement on news.o.o (link to the preview and if possible a PDF version if it)
* Product highlights (PDF)
* Feature guide (in PDF. Terribly much work, yes, painful, yes worth it, yes)
* Screenshots (include 'bonus' screenshots, if you can)
* a link to the GM
* A document with quotes from the openSUSE team, the board and other people about their favorite features
* reviewers guide
* list of people who can be interviewed

Get our list of press contacts and create SEPARATE mails for each of them. If you know them personally, try to add a special touch to the emails to make them really personal. Stay formal for those you don't know. Send out the mails... And be ready to reply to their questions and responses.

Keep in mind that this can easily take a day with the nr of contacts we have and the replies they might sent.