action #115565

Updated by jbaier_cz 6 months ago

## Motivation
With #111338#note-15 the [mtui]( project lives on GitHub. However packaging lives in IBS and requires a manual step to push out releases. It would be much better to have a project on OBS with proper GitHub integration. The same holds for [osc-plugin-qam](

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** mtui is packaged on OBS
* **AC2:** osc-plugin-qam is packaged on OBS
* **AC3:**
No manual steps are required to trigger releases

## Suggestions
* Create a package under [devel:openQA]( or alternatively a new mtui project (namespace) to host both devel packages or alternatively place them under [devel:openQA](
* Enable [the SCM bridge]( i.e. add `<scmsync></scmsync>`