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## Motivation 
 Based on good success we had lately to drive open sourcing other tooling like qem-dashboard and qem-bot and because we want to save internal resources ressources and because we love open source as a company and because we want to have tooling public for disaster recovery scenarios we should open source mtui as well 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** A public open source project for mtui exists with free software license 

 ## Suggestions 
 * okurz reviewed all source code of mtui and found nothing that looks like it needs to be kept private 
 * Ask current representatives of code owners what to look out for when open sourcing 
 * After that just go ahead and make open source, e.g. next to 
 * Push the current source state as a new commit, do not import the complete git history (just in case we have something sensitive in the history). Optional: Review the complete git repo and mirror 
 * Adapt license, e.g. GPL or MIT 
 * Remove stuff from internal repo, only keep for deployment where necessary, same as we did for and . As alternative archive the current repository and use new OBS approach for deploying