action #111758

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## Observation 

 Seems like at least one job ran into MAX_SETUP_TIME, see showing 

 [2022-05-30T08:24:05.869679+02:00] [debug] Found HDD_1, caching opensuse-Tumbleweed-x86_64-20220527-Tumbleweed@64bit.qcow2 
 [2022-05-30T08:24:05.873320+02:00] [info] Downloading opensuse-Tumbleweed-x86_64-20220527-Tumbleweed@64bit.qcow2, request #252294 sent to Cache Service 
 [2022-05-30T09:24:05.896856+02:00] [info] +++ worker notes +++ 
 [2022-05-30T09:24:05.897085+02:00] [info] End time: 2022-05-30 07:24:05 
 [2022-05-30T09:24:05.897159+02:00] [info] Result: timeout 

 with reason `timeout: setup exceeded MAX_SETUP_TIME` 

 ## Steps to reproduce 

 Find jobs referencing this ticket with the help of , 
 `openqa-query-for-job-label poo#111758` 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 **AC1**: openqaworker4 is able to work on 20 jobs in parallel 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Reinstall the operating system on openqaworker4 via ipmi 
 - Order a replacement machine e.g. file SD ticket 
 - Ensure the system is able to work on o3 production jobs 
 - Monitor for stability