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email alert 

 Notification: PROBLEM 
 State:          CRITICAL 
 Date/Time:      Tue Apr 26 09:18:56 UTC 2022 
 Info:           SWAP CRITICAL - 0% free (0 MB out of 0 MB) - Swap is either disabled, not present, or of zero size. 

 Service:        swap 

 See Online: 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** No more similar alerts 
 * **AC2:** We use either swap or a better alternative 

 ## Suggestions 
 - /dev/vda2 is mentioned in /etc/fstab, but /dev/vda2 does not exist 
 - We've not observed any apparent issues so far 
 - Consider using systemd-zram-service assuming it's best practice to have *some* swap (or a swap file) 
 - DONE ~~Crosscheck ~Crosscheck who is recipient of the alert, should be Alerts are switched off. okurz disabled notifications on and added a comment there back-referencing this ticket 
 - Ensure that the related alert does not continue to alert regardless of what we do