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## Motivation


Virtualization team requested infra to move a IPMI SUT to vlan 663 from OSD for temporary use in O3. Now the infra is ready, refer to
>> the server has been added to racktables and was located in SRV2 not the labs.
>> Both LAN port and BMC are untagged to Vlan662: openqa-worker.
>> 662 f4:02:70:b9:3a:66 gi6 dynamic
>> Please check the mac @ on the DHCP server to get an IP@.

Now what should I do is to add the MAC of the machine to O3 dhcp server to get an IP? Is the O3 host the dhcp server? ie. request to add my ssh pub key to O3 and add the mac to /etc/dnsmasq.d/openqa.conf and /etc/hosts?(I got the idea from then access the IPMI machine over ssh by using the O3 server as the jump host?

Could someone from openqa infra team help? or guide me what to do. thanks!

## Acceptance criteria
- **AC1**: the bare-metal SUT can be accessed from within openQA tests running on o3