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Updated by nicksinger 5 months ago

## Current situation
Two new ~~aarch64~~ aarch64 machines have been ordered by SUSE QE, meant for QE virtualization purposes within o3. Previously o3 hardware needed to be in SRV1 where there is no more space. We might be able to move osd hardware physically to a different location, e.g. SRV2, QA labs, etc. to use the place for o3 hardware. There is no problem to connect from any location over HTTPS to o3 like is already done for external ARM cloud workers. The challenge is how to prevent access to the rest of SUSE network from this machine. []( might be a candidate to remove and make place for new machines. However I see the ROI very little to conduct such changes in the productive environment within SRV1. We should discuss with EngInfra what options we have to setup maybe a new dedicated network that has access to, i.e. public internet, but no access to the rest of the internal SUSE network.