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## Observation 

 We are currently working on deploying openQA tests for the kiwi image builder and have a PoC developed at: 

 Unfortunately, we are facing some weird issues with vmdk disk images: while openQA can boot from these without issues on my local development machine, it consistently fails to do so on o3. E.g.:, This issue appears to 

 These tests can be also intermingled with asset download failures on o3, which troubled reproduced locally by using the vmdk disk image group, but this did not appear anymore in scripts for the last run. 

 ## Steps to reproduce locally repository: 
 * `git clone` ``` 
 * `poetry install` poetry install 
 * `poetry poetry run ./ ./settings --server $MY_INSTANCE localhost --server-scheme http` 

 and then clone one of the failing jobs or schedule a full test run (this will schedule **many** jobs): 
 * `poetry run ./ --server $MY_INSTANCE --server-scheme http -vd Tumbleweed+opensuse --use-https-for-asset-download` 

 ## Steps to reproduce remotely 
 * clone the failed openQA job on o3 directly 

 ## Problem 
 openQA appears to be unable to boot from the vmdk disk images: they are not considered to be bootable devices by the BIOS/EFI firmware (this is independent of whether we are booting from BIOS or EFI). 

 ## Suggestion 
 Sadly, none. 

 ## Workaround 
 None known.