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Hello openQA experts:

## Observation
I tried to boot a vm with swtpm device attached, however, it reported error msg "[2021-10-15T05:01:44.346271+02:00] [warn] !!! : qemu-system-x86_64: -chardev socket,id=chrtpm,path=/tmp/mytpm1/swtpm-sock: Failed to connect socket /tmp/mytpm1/swtpm-sock: No such file or directory"

## Acceptance criteria
- **AC1**: qemu tpm device is created automatically
## Steps to reproduce
1) re-run a job with "QEMUTPM"=1
openqa-clone-job --from --skip-deps --host 7369899 --apikey "xxx" C037781555F1834F --apisecret "xxx" 74D526A7E0B5D811 --skip-download _GROUP=0 EXCLUDE_MODULES=openssl_alpn,build_hdd QEMUTPM=1

2) We can hit the issue mentioned above

## Problem
As described in
Configure VM to use a TPM emulator device, with appropriate args for the arch. sysadmin is responsible for running swtpm with a socket at /tmp/mytpmX, where X is the value of QEMUTPM or the worker instance number if QEMUTPM is set to 'instance'

However, IMO, the job should be assigned a random worker to run. we need have to configure a swtpm device there before start my job. at the same time, I may need swtpm 1.2 or swtpm 2.0 device based on the test requirement.

## Suggestion
- Create the swtpm device automatically once "QEMUTPM" is defined
- Delete exposed credentials and inform the user
- Follow steps in

## Workaround

Can someone help take a look at this issue?