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Updated by okurz 9 months ago

## Observation
use `ipmitool -I lanplus -C 3 -H -U admin -P password sol activate` to connect arm-4, there is nothing shown.
use ipmitool to connect openqaworker-arm-5, it shows
Give root password for maintenance
(or press Control-D to continue): sulogin: cannot read /dev/ttyAMA0: Operation not permitted

[ 9426.877540] systemd-fstab-generator[3152]: x-systemd.device-timeout ignored for

## Suggestions
* DONE: Pause alerts
* Investigate problem
* Ensure reboot-stability with multiple reboots

## Rollback steps
* Unpause alerts for arm-4 and arm-5

## Workaround
used `ipmitool power cycle` to reboot arm-4 and arm-5