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## Observation shows that alerts were triggered for a long job queue at 2021-09-14 10:14:32Z with 3100 jobs blocked. There was no reaction on the alert until I (okurz) reminded about it multiple times and we finally discussed it in more detail on 2021-09-15 0900Z . I think we can do better than that.

## Goals
* We react on alerts before users bring it up in chat and "surprise" us
* We proactively inform potentially impacted users (before they tell us)
* We follow our [alert handling process](

## Acceptance criteria
- **AC1** A team decision is documented

## Suggestions
- Create tickets (instead of alert emails)
- Slack alerts (instead of alert emails)

Further details
Our alert handling already describes what we should do, we just don't follow it within the timeframe until first users bring it up in chat asking what is going on.
Please also see stating requirements for communication which we would fulfill by following above goals but so far are not doing it very well.