action #97751

Updated by livdywan almost 3 years ago

## Motivation 
 #97658 is about recovering the original machine. 
 Regarding rebel, if we can't recover it in reasonable time we could try to run the s390x openQA worker instances on one of the other hosts within containers as we don't run qemu on the machines anyway, it's mostly forwarding VNC and recording video. So we should be able to come up with a replacement setup, maybe containers that just know the /etc/openqa/client.conf and /etc/openqa/workers.ini and run individual worker instances on openqaworker7 or any of the other existing o3 machines 

 ## Suggestion 
 - Configure a container image with existing client.conf/workers.ini from #97658 
 - Use podman on openqaworker7 (prefer non-root)