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Updated by cdywan 9 months ago

## Observation

On 2021-08-10 we experienced problems on osd like a high load, and one of the reasons seemed to be slow `grep` commands called by `openqa-label-known-issues`.

For example this regex seemed to be problematic:
grep -qPzo (?s)2021-.*T.*Error connecting to <root@s390p.*>: No route to host /tmp/tmp.gy3iDKQDrV
Running over 4 minutes sometimes. (Removing the `(?s)` made it run in only a few milliseconds on a file with about 500kb.)

We are now lowering the timeout for the post fail hook

But that will mean that the whole process can timeout because of one bad regex.

## Suggestions

* Study current grep logic in [openqa-label-known-issues](
The mentioned regex comes from this issue: #93119
* Maybe the regex can be improved
* Add a `timeout` to the grep call
* Make sure we are informed in some way of timed out grep calls so we can improve the regexes
* Reduce `limit=200` (maximum number of jobs to check)