action #95581

Updated by ilausuch 4 months ago

We don't check commit messages, and even when looking at them in a Github PR, we might miss things.
For example when leaving out the blank line after the subject line, that's not visible in the Github UI.
But it is problematic when viewing the git log in a one-line mode (e.g. with `--oneline`, or with a tool like `tig`). Then the whole message is shown, not just the subject.

We could also check that the message starts with an uppercase letter, and optionally with something like `t: `, `ci: ` etc.

Possible candidates:

The last one seems better.
My first try showed that it might not support everything that perl regexes support, e.g. `\A` did not work.

An alternative would be to implement it ourselves in a perl script, to be CI agnostic and to be able to call the check locally as well.

## Acceptance Criteria
* **AC 1**: Run in OpenQA
* **AC 2**: A plan exists for the other repos