action #94765

Updated by okurz 4 months ago

## Motivation
See #93050#note-15

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** openqaworker12 is verified to be usable for production multi-machine tests
* **AC2:** Same as AC1 but after additional reboots to ensure reboot stability
* **AC3:** openqaworker12 is controlled over salt

## Suggestions
* Look into the error report of #93050#note-15
* Find a good "single-machine "multi-machine test scenario" to verify
* Bring the machine up with a dedicated worker class selection for investigation without `tap`, e.g. only `openqaworker12`
Fix any found problems
* Accept salt key for openqaworker12 on osd `sudo salt-key -y -a`
* Apply full salt state and check for success
* Unpause "openqaworker12: host up alert"
* Crosscheck monitoring results
* Remove "tap" from worker class settings and bring back the machine for single-machine jobs only first