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Updated by osukup 3 months ago

## Observation shows

RETRY=0 timeout -s SIGINT -k 5 -v $((9 * (0 + 1) ))m tools/retry prove -l --harness TAP::Harness::JUnit --timer t/full-stack.t
[15:32:02] t/full-stack.t .. 25/? timeout: sending signal INT to command ‘tools/retry’
make[2]: *** [Makefile:188: test-unit-and-integration] Error 124

so the overall test run is aborted on the level of Makefile after 9m. That means that t/full-stack.t was stuck for that time and also the test module internal timeout in of 90s with a scaling factor exceeds the 9m. Default scaling from external/os-autoinst-common/lib/OpenQA/Test/ is 3*2 so computing to 3*2*90s = 540s ~ 9m conflicting with the makefile time limit

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC1:** Time-based stability of full-stack test is confirmed
* **AC2:** test module internal timeout is well below make-level timeout also in case of CI+cover

## Suggestions
* Check time-based stability of full-stack test locally, e.g. with `make test FULLSTACK=1 STABILITY_TEST=1 RETRY=10 KEEP_DB=1 TESTS=t/full-stack.t`
* Bump timeout in Makefile