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## Motivation

In #89731 we introduced a initial webui container in charge of initializing the database. We have a test where the health check failed

The problem is that the docker-compose exit with an error because the health check of the webuid_db_init container failed
~~~ text
Name Command State Ports
webui_db_1 postgres Up (healthy) 5432/tcp
webui_webui_db_init_1 sh -c chmod -R a+rwX /data ... Up (unhealthy) 443/tcp, 80/tcp,>9526/tcp, 9527/tcp, 9528/tcp, 9529/tcp
make: *** [Makefile:306: test-containers-compose] Error 1

The healthcheck is this one

## Acceptance criteria
* **AC 1**: Determine the cause of the failure
* **AC 2**: Fix the problem