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## Motivation 

 Data about coverage can be found inside openQA and obtained via API. We need to solve the association between incident (on the openQA and template side) and source package (the actual "coverage" side). 

 A To support AC1[^AC1] and partly also AC3[^AC3] and AC4[^AC4] a simple tool is needed to fetch aforementioned data via openQA API and store them in some lightweight database. The data to store should be merged with the already stored data (union of both datasets) as we are interested in maximum coverage. 

 ## Acceptance criteria 

 **AC1**: implement database storage/retrieval tool 
 **AC2**: [^AC1]: output about the maximum coverage needs to take the tested product/code-stream into account 
 **AC3**: include [^AC3]: list of tests that are not running needs to be provided in test report 
 **AC4**: [^AC4]: entries in DB are needs to be updatable for both adding new available coverage but also removing tests from the list 

 ## Suggestions 
 - Research available database backends