action #89551

Updated by mkittler 7 months ago

### problem
* The NFS mount for `/var/lib/openqa/share` fails when booting. This has been reproduced on `openqaworker13` (see #88900), `openqaworker2` (see #89551#note-5) #88900) and possibly `openqaworker-arm-2` (see #75016).
* Technically all workers might be affected because the problem is quite generic: The systemd service for the NFS mount does not wait until the ethernet connection is established.

### impact
The mounting is actually re-attempted automatically after a few minutes so it shouldn't be a big deal. However, since the systemd unit for the mount stays failed for a few minutes false alerts are triggered which should be prevented.

### acceptance criteria
* AC1: No false alerts are triggered if the NFS mountpoint fails just for a few minutes after booting.

### notes
* The dependency to `` is correct. However, `` does not really ensure the ethernet connection is up in our setup. This is pretty clear from the logs mentioned in #88900#note-5.
* To configure `` correctly further configuration would be required.
* The official documentation only mentions how to do it for NetworkManager and systermd-networkd:
* Likely it doesn't make much sense relying on `` anyways and just cope with the fact that the mountpoint might fail for a few minutes.