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Updated by okurz over 3 years ago

 We need up to date wiki pages for the QALabs. 
 This includes how things work when it comes to the reservation of machines, managing hardware inside the labs and so on. 

 Linklist for existing pages 

 * ppc resources -> 
 * "testnet" ->    (check if outdated) 
 * install server -> (probably outdated) 
 * QA storage -> (check if outdated) 
 * qa-lab (wth is this page, never seen?) -> 
 * RemoteConsole QA machines -> 
 * Automation Handbook -> (probably move some information from here) 
 * Remote Server Access Prague -> (probably outdated) 
 * Temperature monitoring QA LABS ->    (check which script this is and probably tweak it) 

 Other resources that might go to the wiki page: 

 * Rackspace for all QA Machines ->