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## Motivation 

 To ensure the QE Tools has a central place for urgent issues and critical alerts we would like to have an RC chat bot informing us about alerts and such 

 ## Acceptance criteria 
 * **AC1:** RC bot is connected to team chat channel 
 * **AC2:** Administration is documented and understood by at least two persons 
 * **AC3:** Bot writes in team chat channel for any OSD alert 

 ## Suggestions 

 * Research state of art regarding Rocket.Chat bots, apparently grafana can make use of the Slack Notification Channel to post alerts into RC ( bots 
 * Get account, SUSE RC admins are happy to provide an account for us if we just tell them what kind of account it should be. I am sure we can ask them what they suggest. We can just ask in #rocket-help 
 * If the Slack notification channel does not work then 
   * readout Readout grafana alerts like we do in osd-deployment 
 * Write message in team chat channel if any alert 
 * Deploy on non-personal instance 

 * Ensure proper administration with documentation or scripts