action #76951

Updated by okurz over 1 year ago

## Motivation

New firmware might help to prevent qemu failing to run. If we find new firmware we could remove the parameters in os-autoinst again, see clone source ticket

## Suggestions
* Look for new firmware for the machine

* Check if the new firmware means we do not need anymore, if yes, remove again, if no, remove again but add according settings to the machine settings in openQA, this is also what "adamw" did:

[04/11/2020 17:41:52] <adamw> okurz: i don't really know what the consequences of it are, but i tend to the idea that qemu wouldn't be trying to make it the default without reason :) i can ask some virt guys if you like
[04/11/2020 17:42:09] <adamw> okurz: but on the whole, yes, it seems to be it'd be more appropriate to put it in your templates rather than hardwire it into os-autoinst.
[04/11/2020 17:42:29] <adamw> that's what i was doing when we had the problem (i was setting an older machine type in our ppc64le Machine vars)